The Queen & The Court Jester (Printable Mini Graphic Novel)

February 16, 2012 Author: lesliesoule

The Queen and the Court Jester

Poem by Leslie Soule

Artwork by Linda Wan

Instructions for printing the mini graphic novel: Click the images below, then save each as individual image files on your computer, and print! Voila!

It was a bright day on the third of June

The Queen sat down with the jester and soon

Conversed and found that the bells and the Crown’d

Both played to the same old sound.

And the stereotypes that pinned them to

The clothes that they both wear and nothing new,

Hit both with equal force, not one

And just as their dialogue had begun –

In strode the King in all regality,

With eyes on fire, he took his sword and he

Addressed his slaves – “How dare you be so bold –

As to dine on the dinnerware of gold!”

Now reader, let me pause

Here for a while, I assure you it’s for a noble cause –

Must we suppose the King had no idea of

Civility? Must we? A heart bereft of love?

To draw his sword out thus on his fair Queen

And jester also present at the scene?

He strode with sword in hand to kill his Queen!

But stumbled as he walked and fell, a sheen –

Of metal glimmered as it pierced his chest,

The vest of mail and his unfulfilled quest

Died there with him upon the stone cold floor

The monarchy was dead forevermore!

“Hurrah!” they cheered and knew that they were free.

The jester played his lute beneath a tree.

The people roared, oppressed no more, and tossed

The old system – they found truth, Veritas!

It was a cool night on the third of June

The jester kissed the Queen beneath the moon.

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