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February 16, 2012 Author: lesliesoule

The Feast of Yule

What happens when Ash and her friends have to babysit a group of unruly gnomes over the holidays? Find out, in The Feast of Yule!

*Note: Chronologically, The Feast of Yule comes after Forgetting Fallenwood, book 2 of the Fallenwood Chronicles*


Psst! This little guy’s name is Amund. He’s the chief troublemaker. 😉

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The Worlds Divide: A Prequel to Fallenwood

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Birds of a Feather: The Search for the Universal Solvent

Alexis doesn’t understand her weird grandma, who buys enough food for an army and keeps unusual items stored in her closet. Then she has to write a paper for her high school English class, and her grandmother becomes her inspiration as she imagines her grandma Diane’s life as a Steampunk story set in an alternate France. Napoleon has been killed in the Battle of the Nile. After the storming of the Bastille, a group forms to protect the heroes of the People’s Liberation Movement – that group is the Birds of a Feather. Follow Alexis as she weaves a tale of courage, hope, and adventure in the age of steam.


“Alexis decides to write a steampunk story about her grandmother. In her alternate history, her grandmother belongs to The Birds of a Feather, an organization of freedom fighters from the French Revolution. Her grandmother, Diane Falcon, is planning to lead an expedition into the enemy city-state of Lyon, otherwise renamed Coeur De Lion. She must infiltrate their headquarters to find the Universal Solvent and stop their flying war ships. Or does she have a plan of her own?

Birds of a feather is an awesome steampunk short story. I loved the idea about a girl writing about her grandmother, and the teen voice shines through. With spies, potions, a duel, love lost, mechanical birds and guardians, this story is a feast for the imagination.

The twists and turns in Birds of a Feather will keep you guessing until the end. What does Diane Falcon really want? In a way she must choose between love and freedom for her people, and she chooses right.”

5 stars
~Aubrie Dionne

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