February 16, 2012 Author: lesliesoule

I enjoy writing poetry. Here’s a Leslie Soule original for ya:


What do you do with a degree in English?
Simply put, you use it
Practice your craft so you never lose it
Then refine and redesign the minds
That have resigned themselves to a hopeless state of living,
Relying on fate to align its designs and keep things improving,
And you’ll know better through your studies,
Create the language that the world speaks with,
Discern rhetoric from myth,
Separate the spoken wheat from its chaff,
No staff needed, for the tasks
that this army of one has completed.
Language is the all-pervasive tool,
The thing that proves a man to be
a crowned king or an uncrowned fool.
your classes introduce you
to the realm of ideas,
so you can tell the difference
between the sign and signifier,
apply these concepts to the real world,
expose the lies and the liars,
show how advertising tries to play on false desires,
check the sources of the information you acquire –
In short, the world is yours
and how you deal with its sh**
is what you learn when you get
a degree in English.