My Art Gallery

February 16, 2012 Author: lesliesoule

Welcome to my personal art gallery. I love to paint, and especially mythological scenes. A couple of my paintings have gotten into the California State Fair. "Mount Olympus" won an Award of Merit in 2008 and was mentioned in a Sacramento Bee article. "How To Handle A Ninja Attack" won an Award of Merit and got into the 2011 State Fair art show.

Victoria Dalkey, in the article titled "The Old, The New in Citizen Art" mentioned "Leslie Soule's beguiling acrylic painting of gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. Soule's work is hung next to Liz Piatt's witty quilt made up of images of women in famous paintings attending a tea party. It's easily the most charming pairing in the show with the two works making a colorful and whimsical corner of the exhibition."

The image below is my painting titled “Bellerophon, Pegasus, and the Chimera”



Image done for United Way, at Chalk It Up 2014

Image done for the Sacramento Children’s Museum, Chalk It Up 2016