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February 16, 2012 Author: lesliesoule

 Leslie D. Soule received her M.A. in English from National University. She is a scholar, artist, citizen journalist, and martial artist. She has been an established writer for a decade.
What sets her work apart from the pack, is its intensity in dealing with the ultimately personal journey of life and its myriad setbacks and sorrows. Her novels contain a deeply populist, anti-establishment tone, one in which rebellion against the often-authoriarian norm is praised. Her work embraces the outcasts of society – the discarded, the rebels, the people that the magazines forgot to tell you, exist.
For Captain Ahab, the horrors and evils of the world are all contained in the persona of the white whale, Moby Dick. For Leslie D. Soule and her main character Ash Kensington, they are contained within the person of the dark lord Malegaunt.
The theme running through her novels is the triumph over seemingly impossible odds, the value in keeping the idea of “Ex Tenebris Lux” (light out of darkness) close to your heart.
Readers enjoy Soule’s no-nonsense, fast-paced style of writing. She loves to hear from her readers, and encourages them to connect with her on Twitter, and to help spread the word, about her work.
In Fallenwood, Ash Kensington is a young woman battling both crippling depression and the all-too-harsh ways of the world, and yet, she holds a desperate hope, an Ex Tenebris Lux, close to hear heart. And so should you.
Enter the world of Fallenwood!
The Fallenwood Chronicles includes: Fallenwood, Forgetting Fallenwood, Betrayer and Retribution.

My works include:

In Print:

The Fallenwood Series (a fantasy quadrilogy published by Melange Books).

 “The Feast of Yule” in Holiday Hopes anthology – Melange Books Winter 2013.

E-book Novels:

Hybrid Space – published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing

Short Stories

"Birds of a Feather: The Search for the Universal Solvent" – Gypsy Shadow Publishing

"The Sight-Stone" – Zimbell House Publishing, A Nymph’s Tale anthology

"The Prince of The Forest" – Zimbell House Publishing, If I Say No anthology

"The Lady of the Deep-Swells" – Zimbell House Publishing, Poseidon’s Daughter anthology

"Gambler, Gunfighter, Dentist" – Zimbell House Publishing, Trail’s End anthology

"Vampires of Sacramento" – Zimbell House Publishing, Midnight Rising anthology

"The Worlds Divide – A Prequel to Fallenwood" – Gypsy Shadow Publishing

"Poisoned", "The Crashing Waves", "A Further Conversation"- Terror House Magazine

"Flash-Fight:Adventure One of the Crypto Star-Chaser" – Ripples In Space magazine

"Lemonade and Tea-Fights" – Blake and Wight

"The Cat & Its Life" – The Paragon Journal, Martian Chronicles anthology

The following nonfiction works of mine are available through The Preservation Foundation (short stories): Oddintruder, Grandmother’s Roses, Glen’s Bakery & Restaurant, To Oregon – By Blood, Saturday with Frederick Ransom Gray

My poetry has appeared in: The Armchair Aesthete, The Write Launch, Grey Wolfe Publishing’s “Write to Meow 2017″ anthology, Typishly, Ink & Voices, and Terror House Magazine

My flash fiction has appeared in: The Sacramento News & Review, Antimatter Magazine, Ruminate, Mad Scientist Journal, Speculative 66, theSame, Dime Show Review, and Terror House Magazine

My photography is featured in: Wanderlust Journal & Junto magazine

Works soon to be published: “The Tailor & the Magician” (short story) to be published in an anthology by Enzo Publishing, “Into The Program” (short story) to be published by Zimbell House for the November Falls anthology, Poem “Met An Angel Once” to be published by New Plains Review, “Bitcoin Star-Chaser” (flash fiction) to be published by FreezeRay, and “Long Live the 80s!” (article) to be published by Alternating Current.

In addition, I do citizen journalism work. Check out my articles at: www.falcondraco.livejournal.com

Follow me on Twitter @Falcondraco

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