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February 17, 2012 Author: lesliesoule

Q: Why Buy An Ebook Reader?

A: Well, several years ago, I flew to India with my martial arts instructor. It was a really long flight, but I wanted to pack as lightly as possible, so I only took two books with me. Well our first flight was delayed and I finished book one before we even boarded the plane. I finished the second book a few hours later. Then I was left with the dilemma of how to keep myself occupied for the remaining twenty hours of flight time. Back then, there was no such thing as a Nook or a Kindle.

I found myself wishing I’d brought ten books instead of two. But suppose I’d brought ten books with me – then I’d be stuck lugging them around with me for the duration of my trip. An Ebook reader sure would have been nice to have at that time. I could have uploaded ten or twenty Ebooks onto the reader and had plenty of reading material for my flight.

This is not the only reason for purchasing an Ebook reader, but I think it’s a fairly good one.
Also, my Kindle was a blessing to me when my Master’s courses started up. Instead of waiting for weeks on end for an actual book to arrive, I could download a book off of Amazon.com and have it instantly transferred to my Kindle and ready to read.

Q: Are There Any Interesting Features?

A: I really enjoy that my Kindle remembers what page I left off on, and when you click the title, you can start reading again from where you left off.

Q: Are There Any Free Ebooks?

A: I was impressed with Amazon’s collection of free ebooks and their collection includes a lot of classics like Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Q: What if I don’t have an Ebook reader?

A: For those people who do not own Ebook readers, many Ebooks are available as PDF files that can be read directly off of your computer. In addition, E-reader software exists for Mac, PC, Blackberry, Android and IPhone. For older phones, you can download MobiPocket Reader.

Q: Help out a fellow English major. How do you find pages on a Kindle so you can cite a source?

A: So I discovered how to find the page number on a Kindle. If you’re somewhere in the text, you can hit the “Menu” key, and as soon as you do that, a page number appears right next to the location number.

Weird that it works that way, but that’s how it’s done! 🙂