Back At It!!!

September 18, 2019 Author: lesliesoule

Ok, so my site was down for a minute there. It happens. But it’s back up and I’ll be working on it some more. I did fix one thing – now, when you look at my site on your phone, the photo of me is not rotated to the right. It’s straight up. FIXED IT! And I’m not even a tech person. GO ME! (Took me long enough though, right?)
At any rate, things have been a little slow, writing-wise, but I’m gearing up for the Ren Faire that’s coming up on the 28th & 29th. Zimbell House publishing gave me some of their cool bookmarks to hand out (with the fancy rounded corners), and I’ve got some copies of Fallenwood and of the Zimbell House anthology, A Nymph’s Tale, that I’ll be giving away at the event.
I am building my writing empire, one brick at a time. So not to worry, my fellow #DarkSoules ! Your literary rebel leader is here. Also, check out the book trailer video for my upcoming novel, Retribution.

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