A Year In Review…

November 11, 2018 Author: lesliesoule

Hey there, everybody! Well, this past year’s been great for me, and I’ve accomplished my goal of submitting smaller works to literary journals and figuring out which ones I like in particular. A few notable ones include Zimbell House publishing, Terror House magazine, Storyhouse.org (the houses have it, right now!) and Mad Scientist Journal, which publishes a genre that my roommate refers to as “biopunk”. The amazing cover design for my 5th book (4th book of the Fallenwood Chronicles) is out, created by Stephanie Flint. I am beginning my rewrite of Retribution, and am currently trying to plan actual appearances at local bookstores.
It’s been an exciting year, and I’ve managed to get a bunch of my smaller works published. Some of my mythological stories that didn’t end up being published, I put into a small volume called Greek Fire, which includes a bestiary for fantasy writers, and should still be up on Amazon somewhere.
Anyway, I wish you all well, and for now, I bid you adieu.

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