In The Writing Game

January 13, 2018 Author: lesliesoule

Hi there, everyone! Well, I’m doing my best to utilize all resources I’ve got, to the best of my ability, at the moment, in order to level-up my writing game. I’ve combined all pages for the Fallenwood novels onto one page, for simplification. The Fallenwood map is complete, which I’ll be adding shortly to that page. My short stories “The Sight-Stone” and “The Tailor & The Magician” have been picked up for publication, as well as a few poems of mine. But my most exciting project at the moment, is my Teen’s Guide Book to How The Real World Works. I want to have something to give to my niece and nephews when they get older, and I think it could be quite helpful to other people out there, as well.

1/13/18: I’ve added my more recent artwork to the art gallery, and I’m working on re-sizing everything, to make it easier to check out.

Well, that’s all for now!


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