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October 5, 2017 Author: lesliesoule

Hi there, everyone. I’m still continuing on with my writing, but as far as updating the site, adding links, etc. I’ve been a bit behind. It happens. I always get things finished eventually though. At any rate, I’ve gotten the rough draft of Retribution finished, believe it or not – my final novel, wrapping up the Fallenwood quadrilogy that I began ten years ago. I’m pleased to announce that the original Fallenwood has been created as an audio book and *fingers crossed* once it’s accepted by ACX/Audible, it’ll be available to the public. While Retribution is in it’s requisite “cooling off” period, I’m working on a plethora of other, small works, and seeking publishers for these through Submittable. So far, I’ve managed to get a small article on jackalopes published. And here I am, trying to be an author of some gravitas. *sigh* Well, no one ever said the road was easy.

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