Coming Up!!!

September 8, 2016 Author: lesliesoule



August 11, 2016 Author: lesliesoule

So I think I’ve found a form that I like, after having spent several hours messing with the computer and with form applications and what have you. FormSite seems like it’s going to work, so I’ve set up an email newsletter signup, where I’ll be updating fans about my work, appearances, etc. I’m hoping this works, as I haven’t worked with FormSite before. We shall see!

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job”

August 8, 2016 Author: lesliesoule

“Don’t quit your day job,” they’ll tell you. “Don’t be a writer, an artist, you’ll never make anything.” Well, after having worked for the state for 8 years, and most recently, as a typist for the ALRB, its most corrupt agency, I can tell you that it’s better to be an artist or a writer, or someone who actually puts something good into this world, than to be a scummy board member making a six-figure salary. Let other people give up their souls for the love of money. Find something you love to do, and do it. Then, you’re free. Needless to say, I feel free now. I do still have my part-time job, and I’m not working two jobs, overworked and tired all the time. I’m getting back to writing. And I’m going to start by updating this website, which badly needs it. Then I’m going to (finally) edit the novels and stories I’ve been working on for quite some time now.

Editing Hybrid Space

May 22, 2015 Author: lesliesoule

I’ve finally started editing Hybrid Space again. We’re getting closer, and the story is getting tighter. It’s coming together well. These past couple of years, I’ve been through hell and I’ve gotten stuck in life, and it’s been really hard to gain any kind of momentum. I’ve doubted my ability to get things done and make things happen. But I, personally (not just my character Ash) have seen a mighty Empire crumble to its knees, and I’ve helped kick off some projects with Kickstarter, since Brenda Novak’s auction has taken a break this year, and I’ve kept my ship going. So there’s that. There’s always that.

Regaining Momentum

April 1, 2015 Author: lesliesoule

My friend came over this weekend, to help me edit a bit of Hybrid Space. As you know, editing isn’t my forte’. Writing, I’ve got. But anyway, I’d stopped writing for a while to focus on author promo, and it didn’t seem to be really getting me anywhere OR making me happy. So I’m going to go back to focusing on the writing portion of things. After all, I’ve got to finish the Fallenwood series. Someone’s got to finish off Malegaunt, before he destroys everything! It’s taken me a long time to build myself up, and I haven’t always known what to do, but here I come. Heroes always face the toughest of odds, and I aim to be the hero my generation has been waiting for. 😉

Local Authors Book Festival?

March 2, 2015 Author: lesliesoule

So this morning, I put in my application to the Sacramento Local Authors Book Festival, at the public library. We shall see. I’m always on the lookout for promo opportunities for authors. Seems kinda slim pickin’s out here…

Fallenwood Blog Tour

February 13, 2015 Author: lesliesoule

The Fallenwood Blog Tour is coming!!!

I love it when I get a lot of participants in these blog tour events. This banner is now hyperlinked, so you can go directly to the Goddess Fish page for the tour, where you’ll be able to see all the stops. I love questions – about anything – the novels, short stories, writing, publishing, etc. Keep ’em coming! Plus, if you’re the lucky winner, you could get a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card, just for participating.

This morning’s changes…

February 12, 2015 Author: lesliesoule

Wow – for being so rusty at messing with html, I’m not doing so bad. I added some instructions for printing out The Queen & The Court Jester as a mini graphic novel, and I’ve updated the page for Fallenwood. Took out a couple pages that were making the site too bulky. Added an Appearances page, which I’ll add to later. Things are coming along. I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee.

Website Cleaning Day!

February 12, 2015 Author: lesliesoule

It’s housekeeping day for my website!!! I’ve got my coffee brewed and I’m ready to start cleaning things up a bit!

Auction update

May 22, 2014 Author: lesliesoule

Our total raised in the Brenda Novak Auction is $151 so far! We’re only $9 away from meeting our highest total raised to-date, from 2012’s auction. Hooray! My goal is to raise a little more each year – and hopefully to be a co-sponsor of next year’s auction.