Brenda Novak Auction baskets!

April 7, 2014 Author: lesliesoule

Hey there, everyone! So I’ve finally gotten around to creating the Fallenwood-themed baskets for this year’s Brenda Novak Auction for Diabetes Research (bidding starts May 1st!)
Here they are, if you wanna get a sneak peek: (copy and paste address into your browser)

March 10, 2014 Author: lesliesoule


Because I felt like writing poetry…

March 6, 2014 Author: lesliesoule


I saw him briefly,
through glass
He and I, we are always,
internally, externally,
separated by glass – invisible
and hard to break.

What does Successful Writer mean to you?

March 5, 2014 Author: lesliesoule

Ok, so the actual question was, “What does Successful Writer mean to you?” (See post below)
My answer: If you love what you write, that is success, is it not?

Why I Write

March 5, 2014 Author: lesliesoule

I read a Buzzfeed article where the journalist went to the AWP conference this year, and asked writers why they write. It prompted me to write my own response, so here it goes:
“Why Do You Write?”

To help you understand the storm that rages on inside my head.

To show myself that my heart’s still beating.

To show the world the colors of my rebellion.

THAT is why I write.
~Leslie D. Soule

Check it out –

Brenda Novak Auction items

February 24, 2014 Author: lesliesoule

Hey there, everyone! So I’m donating some items for the Brenda Novak auction. Bidding starts on May 1st. I’ll be putting together a couple baskets for this year’s auction as well, but here are the links for the items I’ve donated so far:

-Autographed Trade Paperback of FORGETTING FALLENWOOD (Book 2 Fallenwood Chronicles) by Leslie Soule

-Autographed Trade Paperback of HOLIDAY HOPES (anthology) from Author Leslie Soule

-Name a Minor Character (after YOU!) in Leslie Soule’s FALLENWOOD 4: RETRIBUTION

Best of luck, and happy bidding!

Contact form is up!

February 19, 2014 Author: lesliesoule

Hey there, everyone! I’ve figured out how to add a contact form to the site, hence the new “Contact Me” page.
Meanwhile, editing is coming along on Betrayer, and the Review Tour for Forgetting Fallenwood has been scheduled with Goddess Fish Productions.
More news to come soon! :)


February 14, 2014 Author: lesliesoule

Fallenwood – where your dreams and nightmares are only a portal away…

Back in Action!

February 13, 2014 Author: lesliesoule

So…it’s time for me to get back in gear! I’m now part of a writing group called the Sacramento Writers’ Circle, I’ve added some contributions to this year’s Brenda Novak Auction for Diabetes Research, I’ve just finished a blog tour, and I’ll be on the spot tomorrow for the Love Your Authors event on Facebook. And…that’s only the beginning! 2014′s gonna be a big year. I can feel it!!!!

That’s all for now! More updates to come soon!

“Don’t ever let them tell you it’s a doomed quest,” ~ Ash, The Fallenwood Chronicles