The Latest

October 5, 2017 Author: lesliesoule

Hi there, everyone. I’m still continuing on with my writing, but as far as updating the site, adding links, etc. I’ve been a bit behind. It happens. I always get things finished eventually though. At any rate, I’ve gotten the rough draft of Retribution finished, believe it or not – my final novel, wrapping up the Fallenwood quadrilogy that I began ten years ago. I’m pleased to announce that the original Fallenwood has been created as an audio book and *fingers crossed* once it’s accepted by ACX/Audible, it’ll be available to the public. While Retribution is in it’s requisite “cooling off” period, I’m working on a plethora of other, small works, and seeking publishers for these through Submittable. So far, I’ve managed to get a small article on jackalopes published. And here I am, trying to be an author of some gravitas. *sigh* Well, no one ever said the road was easy.

Betrayer, Book 3 of Fallenwood

July 19, 2017 Author: lesliesoule

Betrayer, Book 3 of Fallenwood, has released! There’s going to be a blog tour soon, from Goddess Fish. Also, I have created a Fallenwood-themed t-shirt. I have started updating the website, and will continue to do so.

I’m Back

June 19, 2017 Author: lesliesoule

Hey everyone, this is Leslie D. Soule, and I am back in the game. In fact, my third novel in the Fallenwood Chronicles, Betrayer, will be releasing around July 11th or so. I’m currently working on the final novel in the series – Retribution. I’ve recently added a publisher in the form of The Preservation Foundation, who has published a couple of my nonfiction biographical pieces. And I’m currently taking Citizen Journalism courses, to push my writing into new territory. 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year! Hope you’re all doing well.