My Debut Novel

When Colonel rich Martino returns home from overseas, his world is upside down. His credit cards are invalid, his wife is MIA, and a stranger is living in his house. He keeps running into people who are surprised he’s alive. Is it any wonder he has a hard time trusting the psychologist who claims to be the guardian of his comatose father’s estate? How does a man find his way home when he doesn’t believe in God?

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, I’m Carlene Havel.  I write Christian-themed romances as well as historical novels set in Biblical times.  I’ve lived a lot of places: Turkey, Republic of the Philippines, and seven different states in the US.   My work experience includes billing for a banana importer, testing software for a huge corporation, and everything in between.  Over the years, I attended several colleges and universities, eventually including one that granted me a diploma. “A Hero’s Homecoming” is my first published novel, and there are others in the pipeline.  Watch for “Daughter of the King” coming in the fall of 2012 from Prism Book Group.  It’s the story of Princess Michal, daughter of Saul, the first King of Israel.  Interestingly, Michal is the only woman the Bible describes as being in love with a man.  Who was the object of her affections? Can’t wait for the book to find out? Check the eighteenth chapter of I Samuel in the Old Testament. 

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